Squash BC is a not-for-profit organization. Our funding comes from two primary sources. Governement funding being the first. As a recognized Provincial Sport Organization we are eligible and do receive some funding. Unfortunately this is nowhere near enough to sustain an office and workforce, never mind enhancing and delivering programs to our membership. Secondly, we generate revenue through memberships. Squash BC offers both Facility and Individual Memberships with services provided to each of those groups. The unfortunate reality however is, if we want to continue to see our sport grow and thrive, we need to do more. We are exploring opportunities with new partners and sponsors to generate income but we also provide opportunity to donate to Squash BC.

We have two avenues for you, as a donor to choose from:

The first option is the 2020 Fund. Started in 2001, this fund is set up as an endowment fund with the purpose of supporting grassroots squash. The endowment is managed by the Vancouver Foundation, and as of 2010, Squash BC receives a portion of the investment income to support the programs. Your donation is invested and in time grows to provide a lasting legacy. Donations are accepted big and small, and all add up to support Squash. Tax receipts are issued by the Vancouver Foundation.

You can donate directly to the 2020 Fund here!

The second option is for donations to Squash BC through the Building the Future Fund. These donations are accepted by the National Sport Trust Fund, and then forwarded to Squash BC. Donors receive a tax receipt, however these donations are more for those contributors looking to make an immediate impact on a program, service or athlete. Squash BC has the ability to access these funds immediately.

You can donate directly to the Building the Future Fund here!

Should you have any questions about donating to Squash BC please do not hesitate to contact executivedirector@squashbc.com.