On this web page you will find everything you need to know about junior squash in BC. There’s the history of our junior champions both provincial and national and where our juniors have gone on to higher education using squash. There are policies and explanations on how to access funding. The training programs Squash BC organizes and subsidizes are also explained. Squash BC has worked hard to make sure our athletes have the best opportunity to rise to their full potential. Read on.

To see a history and pictures of our provincial and national junior champions please click here.

Long Term Player Development, (LTPD)

Squash BC has completed its implementation plan to use the Canadian Sport for Life and Squash Canada’s LTPD athlete development model. For an explanation on what the steps for the next couple years are, click on this PDF presentation. Squash BC CS4L Implementation Plan

Squash Canada is pleased to announce the publication of Beyond the Nick online guide to Long Term Player Development (LTPD) which is geared towards helping Canada’s squash players acquire the necessary skills to reach their full potential. For full story click here.

For the Canadian Sport For Life (CS4L) web site, Click Here.

For a  pdf  LTAD Guide for Parents, CS4L-LTAD FOR PARENTS

The Active For Life web site can be accessed by Clicking Here.

Squash BC’s Policy for Athletes Wishing to Access Programs and Funding

All athletes wishing to be part of a Squash BC team, squad, Squash BC “Sanctioned Event” or receive funding from any Squash BC program MUST be a member in “Good Standing” with Squash BC.

Squash BC’s Junior Eye Guard Policy

All junior players (under 19) and doubles players are required to wear appropriate eye guards as per Squash Canada’s eye guard policy when playing in any sanctioned Squash B.C. event.

For a complete list of approved eye guards and policies please go to Squash Canada’s Policy Page and click on policies about eyeguards.

Squash BC Athlete Agreement.

Athletes wishing to compete or train or receive any funding within any Squash BC program must agree to and sign an Athlete Agreement. Please fill in the pdf by clicking here.

Junior Funding Policies

For juniors who wish to receive and be part of Squash BC’s funding programs, please download and read the following PDF. 2 Junior Funding

In Province Youth Travel Funding

In the years where Squash BC receives funding from the BC Government for youth travel, this program will come into effect. Athletes who are participating in Squash BC Junior programs like the Provincial and Regional Development Programs may apply for this funding.

For complete descriptions of criteria please click this PDF. Youth Travel Funding Form

Gudewill Funding for National Junior Events

All funding from Squash BC for National events, Alberta Jesters, Canadian Junior Open and Canadian Junior Closed will be decided on the following formula.
• A win in the Gold event will be worth 1 point
• A win in the Silver event will be worth 0.5 point
• A win in the Bronze event will be worth 0.25 points.
• The money will be distributed on a percentage basis based on a comparison of how other BC Athletes did in the tournament.
• Results will be tabulated by a member of the Junior Development Committee.

British Columbia Jesters Air Miles and Financial Assistance Program

The British Columbia Jesters would like to help deserving junior squash athletes attain their full potential as squash players. The junior players they will help would be the juniors who should be going to national junior tournaments but cannot attend due to financial restraints. The Jesters recognize an applicant family’s financial disclosure is sensitive, and will keep each application as private and the least intrusive as possible. For more information and application forms, Click Here.

BC Athlete Assistance

The BC Athlete Assistance Program is funded by the Sport and Recreation Branch of the Provincial Government. Athletes wishing to apply for funding through this program must meet the criteria as published by the branch and Squash BC.

For a set of criteria by the branch you may view the branches web page at, http://www.cscd.gov.bc.ca/sport/docs/athletedev/2012_13_PSO_BC_AAP_GUIDELINES.pdf.

For sport specific criteria and an application please download these PDF’s. 19 BC Athlete Assistance Program, 19.1 BC Athlete Assistance Program Form

BC Ferries Sport Experience Program

BC Ferries and viaSport British Columbia recognize that travel is often a barrier to amateur sport teams as they seek competitive opportunities for their athletes.

To assist in removing this barrier, the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program, has been developed to provide travel support to not-for-profit sport organizations. Through this exciting program, BC Ferries and viaSport British Columbia will assist with ferry travel costs for eligible athletes. For more information, Click Here.

Grant Program for Girls and Women in Sport

Founded by ProMOTION Plus, the Girls Only and Forever Active Bodies (FAB) 55+ grants are part of an overarching grant funding program geared towards the development of sport opportunities that inspire girls and women to get active in British Columbia. A program with two available categories, Girls Only focuses on supporting girls and women of all ages, while FAB 55+ is limited to women aged 55 and above. Both grants were created to encourage more girls and women to join leagues, clubs or programs that promote active and healthy lifestyles. For more information, Click Here.

Squash Canada National Team

For more information on the policies and criteria for athletes to participate on the national team, Click Here.

Canada Winter Games

For more information on the criteria for athletes to participate for Squash BC and Team BC in the Canada Winter Games, click here.

Provincial & Regional Training Squads

The Provincial and Regional Training Squad Sub-Committee’s (comprised of parents and Coaches) ultimately decides which athletes will be invited to participate in the programs/camps.  Program selection will be performed through a transparent process ensuring all selection criteria are openly communicated to the parties involved.

These programs/camps give the junior athletes:

  • The opportunity to train with other athletes they don’t normally have the opportunity to train with.
  • A measuring stick to see the extra work that is needed to get to the next level.
  • The confidence and motivation to work hard to reach the next level.
  • The opportunity to get to know their peers better and build life long relationships.
  • A chance to train with different coaches, several of whom coach or have coached our national teams.
  • Younger players are given a small taste of travel and billeting.

Athletes will be chosen through a combination of Provincial rankings and input from squash professionals and local club coordinators.

For complete information and criteria on these programs and camps please  go to Policies & Procedures and click on 4 Player Development. The information starts on page 4.

For Athlete Agreements please fill out this PDF. Athlete Agreement For a PDF Exemption Form click on the link. Squads Exemption

Grassroots, Novice and B Juniors

This Program is subsidized by the 2020 Fund. From 2000 to 2010 Squash BC raised over $200,000.00 as the capital to use for the subsidies that will be given out on an annual basis.

For complete information and to understand the different levels of subsidies and what type of program/athlete will qualify for those subsidies, please go to the PDF, 20 Grassroots Application Policies & Form

For stories and pictures of programs, click here.

Kick Start Squash

Kick Start Squash is a unique after school program that helps urban youth reach their potential through a focused combination of squash instruction, academic tutoring, and community service.

Students in the program receive academic tutoring and squash coaching in weekly after-schools sessions, as well as weekend activities such as cultural trips, squash competitions and community service events.

“Urban Squash programs offer students a solid structure of academics and sport. Our program gives students the opportunity to unleash their potential in academics, squash and community service.”

For more information on how to volunteer and donate to this program, visit Coastal Squash


Sanctioning Club Junior Programs

Full member Clubs of Squash BC may sanction their junior programs in order to be covered under the Squash BC Insurance Policy. This insurance will cover the junior members of Squash BC when they are participating in the club junior program for “ON COURT” accidents/injuries. The policy will also give liability insurance to coaches and volunteers who are registered on the sanctioning form. Please fill out the following pdf form to qualify for this sanctioning. 21 Junior Program Sanctioning Information Form.

External Sport Credits for High School Students

The External Sport Credentials Program (ESCP) gives students the opportunity to earn graduation credits for approved levels of competition as an athlete.

Students can obtain External Sport Credits for squash in this categories:
•Athlete (10, 11, 12) more info….

Junior Development Committee Structure.
  • VP Player Development – Nancy Thompson
  • Junior Committee Chairperson – Cindy Longley
  • Junior Committee – Raghbir Badhan, Soraya Kurji, Jane Barclay, Patti Malone, Pat Toth, Ben Uliana, Colin Whitney
  • Canada Winter Games Committee – Mark Robinson, Lee Clackson, Patti Malone, Jordan Abney (ED),
  • Canada Winter Games Coach – Ben Uliana,
  • Canada Winter Games Manager – Rebecca Vassilakakis
  • Regional Training Squad – Jason Yoo, Euan Hannigan, Jenna Dhanani, Alisha Rahemtulla, Liam Leideckker, Madison Liew, Nathan Von Hagen, Brian Murphy, Brooke Herring, Mattheus Bicknell, Sayeed Mavani, Yu Quan Ng, Anika Kurji, Josephine Adams, Lucia Bicknell, Cynthia Cao
  • Provincial Training Squad – Gavin Maxwell, Matt Henderson, Richard Johansen, Matthew Toth, Rayaan Kurji, Mihir Badhan, Grace Thomas, Lauren Ashikian, Nicolas Vincent, Zoe Colclough, Ryan Picken, Andrea Toth, Sam Scivier, Kellan O’Neill, John Dempsey, Mitchell Kahnert