Recognizing Squash BC's Family of Donors

As a nonprofit organization Squash BC relies on its community support and donations to help us elevate and grow the game in BC.

Donations directly support a myriad of Squash BC's growth priorities. These priorities include, but are not limited to, helping us strengthen our goal of putting more racquets into more players' hands, growing the sport at the grassroots, junior, women's, and university levels, and supporting sport excellence through high performance programs.

Squash BC extends its appreciation and proudly honors all of our contributors who have made a commitment to supporting the future of squash in BC.

Please join us in recognizing these contributions by visiting the Squash BC Donor Recognition page.

Current Donors (April 1, 2019 to Present)

Squash BC would like to extend our appreciation to the following individuals who have demonstrated their support this year by making a contribution to us through the Building the Future, the 2020, and the Gudewill Funds.

Pros - $5,000 - $10,000

KMC Foundation

Builders - $1,000 - $5,000


Rashid Aziz

Murray Olson

John Hungerford

Hugh C. Woolley

Supporters – under $1,000


David D. Adams

Larry Armstrong

Rashid Aziz

Timothy Bale

Eric Barclay

Ian M. Beardmore

Bill Bowen

Lynn Broman

Graham Brown

Kevin Clark

Gavin Cooper

Brian Covernton

Cathy Covernton

Greg Desaulniers

Richard Freeman

Andrew Henderson

Caitlin Hungerford

Jim Geddes

Tony Goodson

Edward Gudewill

Steve Jacobs

Michael Jackson

David Leman

Michelle Lindsay

Andrew J. Lynn

Richard Martin

Bruce Matthews

Adam Radziminski

Deidre Smith

Russell G. Smith

John Zaplatynsky

Past Donors




For past donor information please contact Squash BC at [email protected]