Your gift to Squash in BC really does have an impact.

With your generous support, the game will continue to flourish.

“I really liked the opportunity to referee some games – it helped me learn the game better and I found it fun. It was a challenge but a good challenge. What I didn’t like so much was that the players were so much better. I wish there were more kids at my level to play so the games could be a bit more even”.  Adam Kostiw (9 year old participant in first Junior Pathways event at VRC)

Remember the first time you picked up a racquet? Or entered your first tournament? And the gut wrench you felt when you had to ref your first tournament and you didn’t know a let from a stroke?

We’ve all been there and we keep coming back.

If you play squash, or used to, you know how much it impacted your life, in a very positive way. 45 minutes of heart beating exercise, great comradery on and off the court, reffing and coaching skills and an incredible community of friends, who eventually become family. We are healthier, happier people because we play squash. We have a broad, tight group of friends who play squash (or watch and think they play!) We mentor the young ones, we help the injured ones, we show up to volunteer and we love every single minute.

Our lives are enriched. Our bodies are strong. Our families are healthier through the power of the sport.

We are striving to build capacity to grow squash in BC. You can help. Share your passion for the sport through a financial contribution. Your donation to Squash in British Columbia will assist in increasing participation in squash, provide access to courts and coaching and create memories as we continue to play, compete, coach, ref or simply hang out and enjoy the game.


Your Generosity and Funding Opportunities

There are a number of options that may guide you in your giving decisions.

  • Endowment - 2020 Fund. 2020 supports our grassroots junior programs so pros can introduce the game to our kids. The fund has also supported the design and launch of the Junior Pathways program.

Tax receipts will be distributed by The Vancouver Foundation.

Donate to the 2020 Fund

  • Current – Building the Future Fund. Your donation to the BTF fund has an immediate and direct impact. These funds help Squash BC deliver reffing clinics, provide technical support, build coaching programs and host tournaments, with the ultimate objective of growing the game.

 Tax receipts will be distributed by The National Sport Trust Fund.

Donate to the Building the Future Fund

  • Matching Fund - The Gudewill Family has provided incredible support and leadership in subsidizing travel costs for juniors so they can compete in tournaments across the country. In 2017, the Gudewill Family is challenging everyone in the squash community to donate to this fund to offset the increasing costs of travel for our juniors.

 The Gudewill Family will match every donation of $500 or more, up to a maximum of $10,000 annually with the goal of raising $20,000 per year.

 Tax receipts will be distributed by The National Sport Trust Fund.

Donate to the Gudewill Family Fund Challenge

How you can give: You will receive a tax receipt for your donation. Donations to the 2020 Fund will receive a tax receipt from the Vancouver Foundation who is managing the 2020 Fund. Donations to the Building the Future or Gudewill Family Fund are directed through the National Sport Trust Fund which issues tax receipts.

Confidentiality and Your Contact Information: Both the Vancouver Foundation and the National Sport Trust Fund protects the privacy of your information. Names and address are never traded or sold in lists, and your financial information is never divulged or maintained for any purpose other than required by the Canada Revenue Agency.


Donate to Other Projects

Members of Squash BC can apply to use the National Sport Trust Fund to raise money for projects they are directing. These projects can be for running tournaments, building facilities and many other worthwhile endeavours. For information on how to set up a "Project," please click here.

Revelstoke Racquet Den Society - Club Development and Facility Improvement Fund, This project is looking for proceeds to improve the club’s squash facilities. Our squash courts are more than 45 years old, and are in dire need of replacement.
Tax receipts will be distributed by The National Sport Trust Fund.
Donate to Revelstoke Racquet Den Society

Should you have any questions about donating to Squash BC please do not hesitate to contact [email protected].