Squash BC - Building the Future

The Building the Future Growth Initiative is focused to growing the sport of squash in British Columbia. This comprehensive strategy features a dedicated plan of programs aimed at generating greater awareness and participation for the game at the community level.

Programs such as a trained army of roving coaches and community champions, as well as enhanced leadership resources, are some of direct actions that will be employed to inspire and retain a new community of squash players.

Your donation will help keep this plan sustainable.


Delivering Results

See how the Building the Future Fund made a difference in 2018:

  • It helped develop and launch a province-wide women's squash week
  • It helped fund a BC Junior girls training program that spurred stronger medal performances in competitive tournaments.

Squash BC - 2020 Fund

The 2020 Fund is a dedicated endowment fund established to provide financial support for the junior development program. Junior development is a primary Squash BC growth strategy for expanding the base of junior squash players in the province so that long-term interest in the game is developed.

*To support Squash BC's Junior player development through the 2020


Delivering Results

The 20/20 Fund supports Squash BC's Regional Training Squad who identify young juniors with potential to become top BC juniors.

Additionally as a result of this fund, 8 new coaches in the Okanagan and the Kootenays were added and 12 Junior Pathway Events reaching 188 participants were held in the past year. 

*To support Squash BC's Junior player development through the 2020


Squash BC - The GUDEWILL Fund

The Gudewill Fund was established by the Gudewill Family as a funding avenue to support Squash BC's junior squash division.

Through Gudewill Fund travel bursaries BC's junior players are able to compete and represent the province across Canada as well as internationally. 

*To support Squash BC through the Gudewill Fund


Delivering Results

Over the past year the Gudewill Fund helped to subsidize the travel of thirty of British Columbia's top junior squash athletes helping to produce some of the province's best ever performances. 

The Gudewill Challenge

The Gudewill Family has set a challenge for all Squash BC members. 

For every donation to the Gudewill Fund of $500 or more the Gudewill family will match it up to a maximum of $10,000 annually.

*To support Squash BC through the Gudewill Fund


Squash BC Sponsorship Program

In addition to our donor program, Squash BC has also established a robust sponsorship program that is designed to accommodate those individuals associated with a company looking for a business return through the sport.

Squash BC has crafted a business focused sponsorship program to meet every level of business priority and budget.

Squash BC will work with a company to tailor a plan that aligns to the business objectives of an individual business.

Property Overview

Sponsorship Opportunities Include:                            

  • Squash BC Championship Series
  • BC Open
  • BC Junior Open
  • BC Junior Closed
  • BC Closed
  • BC Doubles
  • Women’s Squash Week
  • BC Squash Week (2019)
  • Squash BC Hall of Fame
  • Player of Month
  • Volunteer Spotlight

To learn more about the Squash BC sponsorship program contact:

[email protected]

Squash BC Growth Initiative


In 2015, Squash BC assembled a group of members together to hear their vision for the future of the sport of squash. The resulting Preferred Future vision solely focused on growing the sport was produced and from this foundation a three-year Strategic Plan was developed.


Year 1 2018             OUR GOAL: Stabilization


  • Instituted a new staff sport leadership model - the first of its kind in Canada for an organization of our size
  • Improved member communications making the SQBC newsletter stronger, more efficient and newsworthy
  • Implemented the first-ever member donor campaign in ten years
  • Reenergized the 2019 Provincial Championship suite of properties to align with industry standardized sponsorship

  • Increased the sport profile in the media through a province-wide PR effort garnering over $75,000 in media equivalency values on less than five months
  • Doubled the participant numbers over the previous year by 120% in the annual women's squash week
  • Organized a greater number of Junior Pathway events reaching across the province
  • Planned and coordinated a pilot Roving Coach program in four northern communities generating new participation and a spiked level of awareness from media in the north


Years 2-5     OUR GOAL: Growth

SQBC is taking our wins from 2018 and leveraging from this foundation to:

  • Build on the proven success of the Roving Coach pilot in 2018 to activate a province-wide Roving Coach plan-of-action that will increase the number of coaches and equipping them to drive the growth of the game in their own communities
  • Recruit a stable of community champions and equipping them with the tools to inspire and recruit participants and volunteers as well as support the new army of coaches in each BC community
  • Optimize the presence of the sport of Squash in all BC communities through the delivery of a province-wide multi platform BC Squash Week awareness campaign
  • Engage the province’s squash communities and help them sustain vibrant facilities through direct support tools in addition to identifying communities with squash facility potential
  • Build on the communications program through increased social media with the focus on messages targeted at specific groups like clubs, officials, coaches and potential membership
  • Continue to strengthen our Junior Pathway and Officiating core programs
  • Grow a stronger group of recreational and high-performance events for all ages and levels of players
  • Create a vision pathway for a Squash Centre of excellence