Squash BC’s Constitution, By-Laws, Policies & Procedures, Strategic Plan Documents and Squash BC Forms

In January 2017 the Squash BC membership passed Squash BC’s new Constitution and By-Laws which ensured that our organization complies with the current BC Society’s Act.

Squash BC’s Constitution

Squash BC’s By-Laws

Policies and procedures are an essential part of any organization. Together, policies and procedures provide a roadmap for day-to-day operations. They ensure compliance with laws and regulations, give guidance for decision-making, and streamline internal processes.

The SQBC Policies and Procedures (P&P) document is reviewed and updated every 1- 2 years depending on the the number of policy changes approved by the Squash BC Board in that time frame. Usually revisions take place in the summer and an updated P&P document is ready prior to the next squash season. 

Any changes that occur between revisions will be noted in this section of the website under Squash BC's Policies & Procedures Updates - Summary of Substantive Changes

Squash BC's Policies & Procedures

Squash BC's Policy & Procedures Updates November 2017 to present - Summary of Substantive Changes

Squash BC Policy Updates since November 2017

The current version of Squash BC’s Policy and Procedures (P&P) document is dated October 23rd 2017. All substantive changes to policies as approved by the Board of Squash BC between the date of the current P&P document and the present are noted in this section of the website. They replace the policies as seen in the October 2017 P&P document.


 November 21st, 2020 - Revised policy High Performance Program as of November 22nd, 2020


July 15th, 2019 - Board approves the following Pan-Canadian Policy as of July 15th, 2019


November 13th, 2018 - Revised policy Junior expense funding as of November 14, 2018

Motion to revise policy 13.1 g) as follows: To receive expense funding in a junior's last year of high school, that junior must be have attended the Coaching Foundations Course. Carried.


September 16th, 2018 - Board approves the following Pan-Canadian Policies effective June 15th, 2019


Code of Conduct and Discipline

Conflict of Interest

Event Discipline and Appeals

Eye Guards

Harassment and Bullying


September 16, 2018 – Revised Policy Officiating as of September 17, 2018

Motion to approve the changes to policy 11.2b. Carried.

11.2 b) Costs and what participants receive at a Squash BC Mini Officiating Clinic

  1. Free for certified referees who are members in good standing of Squash BC; $25 for Squash BC members who are not certified referees; $35 for everyone else.
  2. Minimum of 10 attendees needed to facilitate a rules clinic.

iii. The Mini Officiating Clinic consists of a 1 to 2 hour presentation, depending on how many questions are asked.

  1. We need a “Quiet” room with enough capacity to accommodate the attendees.
  2. A court is necessary.
  3. c) Course facilitators
  4. Course Facilitator’s (CF’s) who give courses must be certified as a Provincial Assessor or National Assessor, or have special permission from Squash Canada to facilitate rules clinics.
  5. CF’s who travel more than 100 Km one way to a course or take a ferry or stay overnight will be compensated for travel as per Squash BC’s general travel policies, otherwise no mileage, accommodation or meals may be claimed.

iii. CF’s honorariums for courses will be $75.


July 3 2018 – Revised policy Officiating as of July 4, 2018

Motion to approve the changes to policies 11.3.d and 11.3. Carried.

11.3.d  “At adult tournaments where officials are required or have been requested, all main draw matches of the top two flights starting at the semi-finals shall be officiated by certified referees”.

11.3.e “At junior tournaments where officials are required or have been requested, all main draw matches of the U17 and U19 (or top flight, where appropriate) events starting at the semi-finals shall be officiated by certified referees.”


March 8 2018 – Revised policy 8.1.F Canada Winter Games as of March 9, 2018

Motion to approve the proposed amended wording of the policy is consistent with the principles underlying CWG Team selection. Carried.

  1. All “challenge” or non Squash BC sanctioned matches of Athletes (Squad and non-Squad athletes) trying out for the CWG Team during Year 3 (May - November of year 3) will not count for ranking points and will be removed from Squash BC official rankings.
  2. For any non squad athlete to be eligible for selection for the CWG team in Year 3, they must adhere to the same requirements as Year 3 Squad Members as set out in these policies or by the CWG committee.