Squash BC has two distinct types of membership. Individual membership for each individual person, and facility membership, which allows various facilities (clubs, rec centres, universities etc) to be a member.

Individual Membership Facility Membership

Why Join Squash BC?

There are a number of great reasons to join Squash BC as either an Individual or Facility Member!  Some of them include:

  • Keep squash alive and growing
  • Be part of the squash community
  • Participate in sanctioned events, such as leagues and tournaments
  • Access to sport accident and 3rd party liability insurances
  • Be included on the Squash BC ranking list
  • Discounts on coaching and officiating courses
  • And more!  Please see Individual Membership and Facility Membership pages for all the details!

What Squash BC does for the community

  • Advocate for our sport creating more awareness and understanding of squash; advocate for existing squash facilities and for more public, accessible squash facilities to build our game
  • Maintain government relations and liaison with Squash Canada and other squash and sport organizations
  • Provide athlete accident insurance as well as certificates of insurance for facilities and general liability insurance for sanctioned event organizers
  • Sanction tournaments and leagues which services your club members, supports inter-club competition and forms the basis of your players’ provincial squash rankings
  • Bid to host Provincial and National Championships that raises the profile of your club and helps maintain your relevance in the community
  • Support the pathway for coach and official training and certification
  • Organize sanctioned Officiating Clinics and Mini Rules Clinics which builds and maintains the infrastructure necessary to conduct fair and safe competitions
  • Run Coaching Clinics necessary to support player development and training
  • Junior Development, Women and Girls in Squash, Recreational, High Performance, Post Secondary, Roving Coach
  • Hold squash events such as clinics, camps, and socials as well as training and provincial teams
  • Raising funds to support current and new programs to grow our sport
  • Sound financial management and funding
  • Provide E-newsletter, website, social media, PR, and promotion of squash
  • Squash BC ranking for every member along with Squash Canada rating & World Squash Federation ranking