Squash BC, in conjunction with Squash Canada, offers a variety learning to coaching programs via the National Coaching Certification Program, (NCCP,) throughout the province.  At most facilities there are opportunities for players to get certified coaching at their appropriate level.  Coaching certification offers consistency in the level of coaching throughout the province and country.

Coaching Clinics

Technical and Theory Coaching Clinics are held throughout the year in BC. For Technical Clinics please go to the Squash BC Calendar to see when they are offered and to sign up. Theory courses are run by viaSport and the Coaches Association of BC. These can be done in either a classroom or home study. For a list of classroom courses in BC and full information on what services there are for coaches, click here.

For complete information on the Squash Canada Certified Coach Program please click here. For a briefer explanation read below.

In order to be a certified coach in Canada a coach must have completed all the requirements for that level. For instance, a Certified Squash Instructor will have taken a 16 hour technical course, the NCCP theory course, taken an assessment, done the various planning documents and completed the online Making Ethical Decisions. Most levels have at least these steps except a coach doesn’t need to take the Making Ethical Decisions again.

Levels of coaches are as follows.

  • 1st Level: Squash Instructor
  • 2nd Level: Club Coach
  • 3rd Level: Provincial Coach
  • 4th Level: National Coach

In each of these levels there is a name for the current status for the next level.

  • In Training: This means the coach has taken 1 component at their current level, usually the technical course.
  • Trained: This means the coach has taken at least 2 components of their current level.
  • Certified: This is when a coach has completed all the components of the current level.
  • Transferred: This means that a coaches records have been moved from the “Old” NCCP records to the “New” NCCP records. Some coaches may find they seem to have dropped down a level. NCCP states that ALL coaches must take the Making Ethical Decisions before they will be reinstated at their old equivalency level.

Squash Canada Development Model

The Squash Canada Long Term Athlete Development is a great resource for coaches and athletes to use as it is structured around the LTAD and how it applies to the Canadian sport landscape.