All athletes wishing to be part of a Squash BC team, squad or receive funding from any Squash BC program MUST be a member in “Good Standing” with Squash BC. For a complete list of policies that must be adhered to please access Squash BC’s Policies and Procedures and go to section 13, Funding.

Squash BC’s Junior Eye Guard Policy

All junior players (under 19) and doubles players are required to wear appropriate eye guards as per Squash Canada’s eye guard policy when playing or practicing for any sanctioned Squash BC event.

For a complete list of approved eye guards and policies please go to Squash Canada’s Policy Page and click on policies about eye guards.

Squash BC Athlete Agreement

Athletes wishing to receive any funding within any Squash BC program must agree to and sign an Athlete Agreement. Please fill in the pdf by clicking here.

In Province Youth Travel Funding

In the years where Squash BC receives funding from the BC Government for youth travel, this program will come into effect. Towards the end of each season, eligible athletes who are participating in Squash BC Junior Squads will be invited to apply to receive this funding to reimburse them for a portion of their travel expenses during the year.

Gudewill Funding for National Junior Events

Gudewill Funding is the result of a generous donation given each year by the Gudewill family to be distributed by Squash BC. The Gudewill family has donated to squash throughout Canada for many decades for many different projects. Squash owes a great deal to the Gudewill family for their generous support to squash. Thank you very much.

All funding from the Gudewill Fund through Squash BC for the following national events, Alberta Jesters, Canadian Junior Open and Canadian Junior Closed will be decided on the following formula.

  • A win in the Gold event will be worth 1 point
  • A win in the Silver event will be worth 0.5 point
  • A win in the Bronze event will be worth 0.25 points.
  • Only athletes who are a member of one of Squash BC Junior Squads at the time of the event are eligible to receive funding based on their results at that event.
  • The money will be distributed on a percentage basis based on a comparison of how other eligible BC Athletes did in the tournament.
  • Results will be tabulated by a member of the Junior Development Committee.

British Columbia Jesters Air Miles and Financial Assistance Program

The British Columbia Jesters would like to help deserving junior squash athletes attain their full potential as squash players. The junior players they will help would be the juniors who should be going to national junior tournaments but cannot attend due to financial restraints. The Jesters recognize an applicant family’s financial disclosure is sensitive, and will keep each application as private and the least intrusive as possible. Because the flight/hotel availability is determined by AirMiles, the further ahead of the event this assistance is applied for the more likely it will be granted. For more information and application forms, Click Here.


BC Ferries Sport Experience Program

BC Ferries and viaSport recognize that travel is often a barrier to amateur sport teams as they seek competitive opportunities for their athletes.

To assist in removing this barrier, the BC Ferries Sport Experience Program has been developed to provide travel support to not-for-profit sport organizations. Through this exciting program, BC Ferries and viaSport British Columbia will assist with ferry travel costs for eligible athletes. For more information, Click Here.