Help Documents for Leagues

The following documents have been produced to help league organizers, captains of teams and league players. If anybody sees an area in the documents which can be improved upon please send your edits to [email protected]

Help for League Organizers    Help for League Captains    Help for League Players

Sporty HQ has a help section that has additional information.

Leagues in BC

A league (singles and doubles) is fun social way for players of all levels from different squash clubs to compete against each other in an organized team way. The leagues listed below are sanctioned by Squash BC and organized in various communities across the province.  Leagues are a great way to meet new players, socialize and improve your game.

Vancouver Squash League

The largest squash league in BC is the Vancouver Squash League (VSL). The league takes in, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Vancouver, Burnaby, Richmond, Delta and South Surrey. There are 7 divisions in the Open League and 5 divisions in the Women’s League. For information on all aspects of the VSL, click here. For playing schedules, standings, teams etc, click here.

Vancouver Premier Squash League

The Vancouver Premier Squash League is for the top ranked players in Metro Vancouver. Teams are set up by using a draft method. Play is usually on Wednesday nights at a variety of clubs throughout the metro area. For complete information on the league, click here.

Victoria Squash League

The Victoria Squash League has 3 Divisions, Men’s Division 1 & 2, click here, and Women’s Division, click here.

Tree Brewing Okanagan Squash League, OSL

The OSL is played in Penticton, Kelowna and Vernon. For complete information on this league, click here.

Vancouver Doubles Leagues

There are 3 Hardball Doubles Leagues in the Metro Vancouver area. These leagues are played on various nights at the 4 clubs with hardball courts. For the Vancouver Doubles Squash League, click here. Vancouver Ladies Doubles League, click here. Vancouver Open Doubles League, click here.