Return to Squash (R2S)

Return to Squash (R2S) Guidelines

IMPORTANT UPDATE – January 8, 2021

On December 28, 2020, viaSport provided clarification to the November 27, 2020 Provincial Health Office (PHO) and its impact to sport. The intent of the order is to limit the social interaction or gatherings that inherently comes from sport, and reduce modes of transmission for COVID-19 during play.

While viaSport continues to develop their Return to Sport Phase 2.5 Guidelines, the definition of “adult group” has been clarified, and the age range for youths has been increased to under 22 years of age. SQBC has revised our Return to Squash (R2S) Guidelines document, please note the significant changes for squash in this document and featured in the Where We Are section below.

We continue to leverage our R2S Task Force, composed of subject matter experts including representatives from law, medicine, squash professionals and club administrators to help guide us through this second wave of the pandemic, defining what this means for our sport, both singles and doubles.

SQBC regularly updates the information in the Resources section below, with links to Provincial and National guidelines. As noted above, viaSport's revised Return to Sport Guidelines document is being revised, until then please refer to Table 1: SQUASH BC’S (R2S) RETURN TO SQUASH STATUS AS OF January 8, 2021 on page 9 of the newly updated Return to Squash (R2S) Guidelines document. Please continue to use the sample templates, posters, and Squash BC's one-pager of Tips and Recommendations for Players

Where We Are

The PHO and viaSport have clarified how gatherings and events are defined for sport. SQBC strongly recommends following these measures:

  • Group size:
    • Singles – maximum of 2 people on court, either 2 players or one player and one coach
    • Doubles – maximum of 2 people on court, either 2 players or one player and one coach
  • All physical distancing requirements are 3 m while on court unless same private residence
  • Focus on skill development and low risk activities
  • Travel for sport is limited to and from your club only
  • No spectators
  • No gathering

In general, err on the side of caution.

A reminder on the key factors that continue for sport across all of BC include:

  • Enhanced hygiene measures
  • Maintaining physical distancing when not participating in the sport activities (e.g., pre- and post-on court time)
  • Ensuring complete occupancy information should contact tracing be required

The 'New Normal' of Squash

Socially Distanced Squash Drills and Modified Games

To help players affected by the November 7th Public Health Order, check out Play Partner Drill Matrix courtesy of Richard Yendell, Head Squash Professional at Jericho Tennis Club, and the rest of these links and videos.  

Watch the Arbutus Club Squash Pro Drew Henderson, and club member Luke Elliott in these videos on solo practice and socially distanced partner drills and games.

Watch this video for some at-home solo racquet-skill drills to prepare for returning to the court!

Need some motivation? Check out this video from current Squash BC junior and future superstar Daniel Tiwana, showcasing his quarantine squash training!

Socially Distanced Doubles Drills and Modified Games

Watch these videos featuring Cathy Covernton from Evergreen Squash Club and Viktor Berg from Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club, showing you some solo doubles drills and socially distanced doubles drills.

“How to Avoid Injury” Squash Physio Tips with Jamie Sonego

A proper warm up before getting on court is so important! A dynamic warm-up can help to improve your athletic performance and also prevent injury. The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to increase blood flow to the areas which will be working and to wake up the nervous system. 


Communication & Correspondence

Squash BC has been communicating with member clubs and facilities as we navigate through COVID-19 and its impact on squash. See below for the complete record.