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Squash BC is pleased to offer a number of FREE events as part of this year's 10 Week Challenge.  Registration is open to anyone who is interested in participating, regardless of gender.

Click on the activity name for more information.  All activities will be held via Zoom.  To register for any of the listed activities, please click the Register Now button to complete the registration form.  Zoom links will be emailed to all registered participants 24 hours prior to the session.

If you have any questions about the registration process, or wish to change the events you have registered for, please contact [email protected] 

 This event has already taken place.  Thank you to everyone who joined the clinic!

 This event has already taken place.  Thank you to everyone who joined the workshop!


Shift Your Mindset Workshop Presentation
Shift Your Mindset Activity & Mood Journal
Shift Your Mindset Guide to Train for a 5K Run

This event has already taken place.  Thank you to our amazing panelists and moderator for your informative presentations!  And thank you to everyone who joined the discussion!


Dara Sklar - Player, Volunteer, Marketer, Social Media Strategist
Giselle Delgado - Athlete, Accomplished Squash Player, Coach 
Sandy Reimer - Director, Health + Fitness at YWCA of Vancouver
Tara Mullins - Squash Canada - National Strategy Female Engagement 

Moderator: Anna Kirbyson - Player, Volunteer, Strategist


If you missed the presentation, you can view a recording of it HERE

Resources and Additional Information

Women's Squash Week (WSW) is a province-wide special event for girls and women to try the #1 healthiest sport in the world, and to encourage those who have taken a break to get back on court!

This year Squash BC is presenting a 10 week challenge to help females get mentally and physically prepared to return to court and playing squash!  We hope you find the below Videos and Resources helpful to get you back on the court!


"Building a Safe and Welcoming Environment to Attract and Retain Females in Squash" Panel Discussion
Couldn't join us for this discussion?  Not to worry!  We've got you covered with a recording of the entire presentation! Join moderator Anna Kirbyson along with panelists Dara Sklar, Giselle Delgado, Sandy Reimer, and Tara Mullins as they explore how you can make your squash facility's environment more welcoming and supportive to women and girls - giving your facility the competitive advantage. 

“How to Avoid Injury” Squash Physio Tips with Jamie Sonego
A proper warm up before getting on court is so important! A dynamic warm-up can help to improve your athletic performance and also prevent injury. The purpose of a dynamic warm up is to increase blood flow to the areas which will be working and to wake up the nervous system. It should mimic movements that you will use consistently throughout the course of your upcoming activity. In the videos, Jamie Sonego, a squash player and physiotherapist in Vancouver, demonstrates some examples of different dynamic movements to help warm up the hips, the thoracic spine (upper back), and shoulders prior to getting on court! They will help get you warmed up so you can get into those deep lunges! If you have any questions for Jamie feel free to contact her at [email protected]

Return to Squash (R2S) - Caitlin Hungerford
What are you enjoying most about being back on court following the COVID shutdown in March?

Return to Squash (R2S) - Tessa Breukels
How do you manage your squash time (e.g. small pod, household only, solo only) since returning to the court?